Who goes there? by Tim Price

The premise of Who Goes There ? is that a team of scientists in Antarctica stumbles upon a crashed alien spaceship and its frozen pilot.


Amundi's Joevin Teo: «Investors Should Be Vigilant»

First, investors should be vigilant as the continued spread of the delta variant worldwide could lead to potential deceleration in economic growth, although further lockdowns are unlikely given how governments have witnessed the devastating effects on var


Hedge Fund and Private Equity Fund Administration Surveys

Market indices notwithstanding, no one is suggesting that the operating environment dictated by a yet-to-be extinguished global health crisis has been easy for hedge fund managers not by extension for their service providers.


The ‘extraordinary times’ of M&A market

“It sort of shows that the acquirers or potential acquirers – the big superannuation funds and the global pension funds – are saying if inflation is coming then they’re not worried about it,”