MAS Chief Menon Says Wealth Tax May Be Needed in Singapore: ST

To encourage an inclusive society, it may make sense to shift the balance in the country’s tax structure away from taxing income toward taxing wealth, the publication reported Menon as saying at an Institute of Policy Studies lecture.


Tax agency launches probes into offshore tax evasion

The agency said it is looking into people who opened secret offshore accounts to conceal illegally earned money, and companies which evaded taxes by using fintech and other online trading platforms.


Covid-trapped expats face inadvertent tax double-up

Presently, there are many tests used to determine residency, including whether an individual has been present in the country for more than half of the year and if their regular domicile is in Australia.


A&M Taxand 2021 Global Guide to M&A Tax

The past year also left the markets wondering whether a trade deal would ever be struck between the UK and the European Commission as the Brexit deadline loomed.