The Future of Wealth Management is Hyper-personalised

In their survey report “Are You Developing A Hyper-personalised Strategy?”, Objectway asked domestic and overseas Wealth & Investment Managers which definition of hyper-personalisation fitted best for them.


UBS opens new philanthropic chapter in India

UBS Optimus Foundation's India expansion comes as the bank’s philanthropic activities gather pace around the globe, with new initiatives in climate, health, education, child protection and social finance.


Japan’s structural reform to benefit investors

There are now more varieties of activist investors, including the old school “asset stripper” (greenmailer), entities focusing on constructive engagement and others that take a more hands-on approach.


Wealth management move for bfinance

The report says that high-net-worth individuals (HNWI) control an estimated US$88 trillion, which would make it about twice the size of the global pensions market.